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Folklore Ensemble Croatian Village
Non Profit Organization
Founder Monsignor Stjepan Šprajc

“In the same fashion that an edifice is composed of many bricks, both large and small, so is the culture of any people upheld and propagated through various activities...The goal of any national folklore group is to promote the customs and culture of their people. Such is the ultimate goal of “Croatian Village”… It is not their purpose to achieve a great level of artistry, but rather, to achieve a sense of Croatian culture and heritage which these young dancers and singers united to cultivate faithfully.”

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Croatian Village is a non-profit Canadian-Croatian cultural group that is involved in the preservation and promotion of Croatian culture, through music, song and dance.  We proudly celebrated our 40th anniversary this year.  Currently our group is comprised of 76 child performers, ranging in ages from 3 to 17 who are second and third generation children of Croatians living in Canada.
Mission Statement
To preserve, nuture and portray the Croatian cultural heritage through authentic music, song, and dance within the realm of spirituality and the Roman Catholic faith.
Licko Prelo
Mali Minjens & Mali Tamburasi

Once again an outstanding performance from our Mali Minjens and Mali Tamburasi. All the hard work and dedication from our teachers and performers paid off this evening. It was great to see all the little ones perform with many of them being there first time. Good job!!

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Pastor Father Marijan Mihoković

Our current pastor was born on July 3, 1947 in Pitomaca, Croatia. He attended business school in Viroviticia and Bjelovar and decided to become a priest. Father Marijan completed studies at the classical gynmnasium and the Faculty of Theology in Zagreb. He was ordained a priest on June 27, 1976 and was an assistant priest in Rakovec near Vrbovec and in the parish of Sv. Obitelj in Zagreb. He then served as assistant priest in Sv.Martin na Muri.

Father Marijan arrived at Holy Cross parish in 1979 and served as an assistant priest with Father Franjo Sprajc under the leadership of pastor Stejpan Sprajc. In 1986, he left for Lyon, France where he served for one year at the Croatian mission. He then returned to Croatian where he served as a pastor in Nedelisce, Medimurje for four years. Returning to Canada, he served as a pastor of the Croatian parish in Oakville for two years.

In 1993, Father Marijan returned to Holy Cross as a pastor. Under his leadership, renovations to the church were completed. He was also instrumental in establishing new parish organizations including the Knights of Columbus, Cursillo Ultreya prayer group, the DUSK seniors group and assisted our parish chapter of the Hrvatska katolicka zena to become members of the Catholic Women’s League.


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The Canadian Croatian Folklore Federation

Croatian Sports and Community Center of Hamilton

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