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Since our inception 47 years ago, Hrvatsko Selo has strived to maintain the vision of Monsignor Stjepan Šprajc and our founding members. Hrvatsko Selo has worked to develop and uphold Croatian folklore traditions.This vision is embedded in all our accomplishments, and continues to guide us. We are proud to be associated with our Church, and blessed to have Father Marko Štefanec in our parish and Hamilton community.


This vision shines through in Hrvatsko Selo’s repertoire of lovingly made original and homemade costumes, which encompass 30 regions of Croatia, Bosna, and Hercegovina.


Our vision is also brought to life by Hrvatsko Selo’s long lasting relationship with artistic choreographer Željko Jergan.  In 1987, Hrvatsko Selo became Željko’s first foray into teaching in Southern Ontario. His wealth of knowledge and love for our Croatian culture is evident in all that he has brought to us over the years, and in our performance today.


Hrvatsko Selo prides themselves on having dedicated and talented instructors whose years of teaching dance and tambura accumulate to 188 years of experience. Our instructors understand the importance of the group’s roots, values and maintaining our founder’s vision.

Every year we welcome new students ready and excited to start their journey to learn folklore traditions from long ago.

Hrvatsko Selo supports several folklore age groups starting at 3 years of age and up.
  • Mali Minjens
  • Mali Tamburasi
  • Junior
  • Intermediate
  • Senior


Tuesday Nights:
Intermediates & Seniors

Wednesday Nights:
Mali Minjens, Mali tamburaši & Juniors

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