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Pastor Father Marko


Pastor Father Marijan Mihoković


Our previous pastor was born on July 3, 1947 in Pitomaca, Croatia. He attended business school in Viroviticia and Bjelovar and decided to become a priest. Father Marijan completed studies at the classical gynmnasium and the Faculty of Theology in Zagreb. He was ordained a priest on June 27, 1976 and was an assistant priest in Rakovec near Vrbovec and in the parish of Sv. Obitelj in Zagreb. He then served as assistant priest in Sv.Martin na Muri.

Father Marijan arrived at Holy Cross parish in 1979 and served as an assistant priest with Father Franjo Sprajc under the leadership of pastor Stejpan Sprajc. In 1986, he left for Lyon, France where he served for one year at the Croatian mission. He then returned to Croatian where he served as a pastor in Nedelisce, Medimurje for four years. Returning to Canada, he served as a pastor of the Croatian parish in Oakville for two years.


In 1993, Father Marijan returned to Holy Cross as a pastor. Under his leadership, renovations to the church were completed. He was also instrumental in establishing new parish organizations including the Knights of Columbus, Cursillo Ultreya prayer group, the DUSK seniors group and assisted our parish chapter of the Hrvatska katolicka zena to become members of the Catholic Women’s League.

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